Ed and Laurie


           Ed Reeves                                                                                     Laurie Reeves
           Founder                                                                                     Captain, United Airlines (Retired)
                                                                                      99 Member


Reeves Air Inc. was established in 1968 By Edwin K. Reeves. It was originally located at Waterford Airport in CT. When the airport was closed in 1987, the operation moved to Westerly, RI. A new hangar was constructed and the same crew that had been together since the mid 70's moved in and started our new aviation community. "Eddy", as he was known, had a proud aviation career that spanned over 55 years and acquired many awards and even more friends. One his proudest moments was when he received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. His son, Mike Reeves, A&P and IA took over in 2000 and Eddy cut back to a 40 hour week before passing away in January of 2006. Sue Winkler, A&P and IA, is Directer of Maintenance for New England Airlines and moved from Waterford with us. Mike's son, Mike Jr. as he is known, is becoming a notable painter as well as an accomplished fiberglass repair and sheet metal tech. Paula, our the office manager, retired after keeping us organized for over 20 years. Kirsten has taken over her position and doing an excellent job filling Paula's shoes. That's 2 A&P/IA's with over 80 years of knowledge and experience to work for you.